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Pump Accessories:

Automatic Air Release Valve
Casing Relief Valve
Main Relief Valve & Waste Cone
Altitude Valve
Pressure Reducing Valve
Suction Control Valve
Fuel Tank & trim
Fuel Containment Basin
Jockey Pump
Pump Controllers
Remote Alarm Panel
Pressure Tank & Compressor
Water Storage Tank

Replacement Jockey Pump and Controller:

MTH Pumps

Fire Pump Parts for:

A-C Fire Pump (ITT industries/Xylem)
Fairbanks Morse
Worthington (complete pump replacement)

Factory Pre-Packaged Repair Kits:

Repack Kit Containing:
Lantern Rings
Packing Rings
Clips:  Packing Gland
Bolts:  Packing Gland
Nuts:  Packing Gland Bolt
Studs:  Gland Bolt Retaining
Nuts:  Gland Bolt Retaining Studs
Casing Gaskets

Minor Repair Kit Containing:
Deflectors:  Inboard & Outboard
Ball Bearings:  Inboard & Outboard
Flat Ring Gaskets:  Bearing Housing
Lip Seals:  Bearing Housing; Inboard & Outboard
Snap Ring:  Outboard Bearing Retaining
Repack Kit (included per above)

Major Repair Kit Containing:
Casing Rings
Shaft sleeve, RH or LH
Packing Glands
O-Ring:  Shaft Sleeve
Stuffing Box Bushings
Square Keys:  Impeller & Coupling
Dowel Pins:  Case Ring
Set Screws:  Shaft Sleeve
End Cover:  Outboard Bearing Housing
Minor Repair & Repack Kits (included per above)

Rotating Element Kit Containing:
Bronze Impeller (trimmed to required diameter)
Steel Shaft
Major & Minor Repair, and Repack Kits (included per above).

Replacement Pump:
Complete unit to match motor and piping
Please provide the Pump's model number and serial number when ordering Repair Kits.  Factory will ship direct to you! Inc.   813-774-6945   fax:  813-774-7814